This the final call to buy a new shed, garden room, garage, and sauna with the current low prices! Use your chance - find a suitable model from our store, place your order online and beat the market. Elevate your garden to the next level; we’ll help you find the perfect solution!

We are sorry to announce that we need to raise the prices of all products in our store. The reason for that is an increase in global wood prices, affecting the housing industry on all fronts.

To stay competitive and maintain the exceptionally high quality of our products, we have no other option than to increase the prices.

New garden buildings are available with current prices until May 10. From May 11 2021, we will increase the prices of all our products.

The price of our best-selling garden room Ranja 44 will go up on May 11The prices of our competitors have already gone up. We know that buying a garden building is not a purchase that is made lightly. This is why we decided to inform you well in advance and give you some time to buy your new garden building with our current prices, which have become remarkably cheap due to the recent turn of events.

What are the reasons for the lumber price hike?

The main reason for the increasing wood prices is an exceptionally high demand for single-family housing and remodelling, while many sawmills are understaffed or closed due to the pandemic. At the same time, the wood reserves have been kept low due to fears of a collapsing economy. 

The imbalance between global demand and supply won’t be resolved any time soon. The USA and China are importing more wood than ever before and willing to pay more, draining the European reserves.

These factors have contributed to an over 100% increase in wood prices in a year, seriously affecting the housing market on all fronts. We are no exception to this problem because we are sourcing high-quality wood from CE-certified partners to make our garden buildings.

In short, the prices are driven up by a combination of factors:

  • Low global wood stock due to fears of collapsing economy
  • Understaffed and closed sawmills
  • The drastic increase in demand for all raw and construction materials
  • High demand for timber in the USA and China and willingness to pay significantly more 

All these factors combined mean that raw materials cost 30% more than at the beginning of the year, making it impossible to continue manufacturing at current prices.

Not only wood - the prices of all construction materials have increased

Both construction product suppliers and builders have reported a significant increase in cost for all raw and construction materials. There are shortages of timber, steel, roofing materials, and polyurethane/polyisocyanurate products, and construction chemicals that affect the entire manufacturing and housing market. 

One of the driving reasons for that is the recovery of Chinese industrial production demanding increasingly more raw materials. Simultaneously, different freight problems, especially for container transport between Europe and China due to a shortage of containers, have risen 400% in the first quarter of 2021.

This is your chance - buy your garden building with current low prices!

This the final call to buy your new shed, garden room, garage, and sauna with the current low prices! Use your chance - find a suitable model from our store, place your order online and beat the market. Our prices increase on May 11!

If not now, when? The time has come to decide to elevate your garden to the next level and get that garden room, home office, home studio, or sauna you’ve been dreaming of! Browse our store or contact our customer service to find the perfect solution for you.