Send us your garden room idea!

We are happy to manufacture custom-made garden houses according to the ideas and sketches of our clients! Although we have a renge of models available, that doesn't mean everyone is able to find the one tailor-made to their wishes.

This is where our engineers step in. If you send us your preferences, then we can manufacture almost any product that is created according to your specifications.

If you like some of our house models and want to make adjustments to the existing models (relocate a door, change the roof shape, request different wall thickness) also let us know and we'll help you out!

Please provide as much information as you can

The more details you provide about your garden room, the better and more specific offer we can make. It's okay if you don't have all the details thought through and you want to discuss them with our sales team. Just let us know at or call +44 1772 595 969

To create an optimal 3D rendering and make the first price offer, we would like to have:

  • Preferred roof type
  • Main construction log thickness
  • Number an location of doors and windows (can be a sketch)
  • Dimensions of the whole structure and separate rooms
  • The intended purpose of the building
  • A drawing or a sketch added as an attachment

More information leads to better results!

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