Be the boss of your workout and schedule

With your own gym you’ll never have to work your schedule around the opening times of the gym. And you’ll never have to wait for your turn at any machine. You can relax in a quiet room and dwell on your thoughts. Or you can crank up the music as loud as you like - it’s up to you 24/7, 365 days of the year!

We can help you choose the best garden gym according to your workout preferences. Want large windows to have a nice look at your garden while running on the treadmill? No problem. Need the windows to fold out of the way completely to open your gym up to fresh air? We have several ways to help you do that. Want to have a steam room to relax after the workout? Just let us know! 

If you need a mirror wall, storage rooms for equipment, extra ceiling height for some exercises or reinforced floors, we’ll be happy to help you out.

Gym rooms for various purposes

Are you into weightlifting or love cardio? Need a space to practice martial arts? Or maybe a yoga studio? We have suitable products for every purpose! We can recommend a suitable garden room for every discipline and customize features to meet your unique requirements. Some of our customizable features for garden gyms include:

  • Different floor board thicknesses to withstand the weight of the equipment
  • Option to have us build the foundation specifically keeping in mind the requirements of your garden gym
  • Option to choose a multi-room garden building to have extra room for storage or for a steam room etc.

Our customer support is always there to help you find the product that suits your needs the best!

We’ll keep your equipment safe

Our garden buildings are manufactured using durable Nordic spruce and pine. This means that with adequate care your garden gym will last for decades! We use high-quality wood, wood-aluminium or aluminium windows and doors with high quality tempered glass to keep the indoor climate warm and healthy.

We also use sufficient locking mechanisms so you don’t have to worry about the security of your garden gym even when it is located at the bottom of your garden. 

Need help with choosing the right Home Gym for you?

Do you have any special requirements for your home gym? Our customer support is happy to help! The majority of our products don’t need a building permit which makes the process of getting your very own garden gym that much easier! If you need any information about financing, delivery, or assembly, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Have a look at some of our products suitable for a home gym:

Leisure Garden Room Starla 44 D ALU ┃ 7.7 x 4.2m (25'3'' x 13'9'')
12 m²
44 mm
415 X 772 cm
Starting from: £7,309.00 £7,999.00
Leisure Garden Room Starla 44 E ALU ┃ 6.6 x 4.2m (21'8'' x 13'9'')
17 m²
44 mm
415 X 660 cm
Starting from: £6,949.00 £7,500.00
Garden Office Building OFFICE HOUSE 44 | 9.2 x 4 m (30'1'' x 13'2'') 70 mm
30 m²
44 mm
898 X 384 cm

The Office House 44 is not just for work. It is a cosy garden house with numerous large windows and just enough space to relax or wine and dine with friends. Simple and elegant, it’s a great choice for a compact private house or a cosy summer house.

Starting from: £8,199.00 £8,699.00

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