Man cave - a place to do manly things

Have you ever dreamt about a space at home where you can briefly forget about being a husband, a father, an employee or a business owner? A place where you can unleash the inner child and do as you please with no restrictions? A place that you can fill up with anything from a large screen TV and a large sofa to a pool table, gym equipment, a bar or a workbench? The Man Cave is your very own wonderland!

You can’t provide for the family or love the ones around you before taking care of yourself first. A man cave is the perfect place to recharge, perhaps even reinvent yourself before or after taking on the responsibilities of life. 

So if you’re wondering if an investment to build a space for you to be a better man is worth it, we can assure you that a small amount of additional joy in life can take you a long way forward.

From the outside you Man Cave can be anything you want

There might be a desire to keep your Man Cave fairly anonymous from the outside to hide the treasures within. Or maybe you love big windows and natural light - either way we can help you out. The basis of your man cave can be basically any model from our product lineup with classical or modern styling. We have models with different log thickness and also insulation in order to make the Man Cave usable throughout the year.

Choose your favourite model from our catalogue - large or small - and let us know if you’d like to customize it before ordering. Our customer support is more than happy to help you by discussing how we can make your garden building suitable just for you.

Some ideas for your man cave:

  • Games room
  • Home cinema
  • Wood workshop
  • Garden pub
  • Workshop
  • Home gym
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Band room
  • Man spa
  • Hobby room
  • Personal study
  • Studio
  • Office

We’ll keep your Man Cave safe and secure

Your hobby involves valuable items and hardware? We use sufficient locking mechanisms so you don’t have to worry about the security of the possessions in your Man Cave.

Our garden buildings are manufactured of durable, FSC-certified Nordic spruce and pine. This means that following some annual care procedures your garden building can last for decades! High-quality wood, wood-aluminium or aluminium windows and doors with high quality tempered glass keep the indoor climate warm and healthy. We can also provide products additional insulation in order to keep you warm, dry and cosy throughout the year.

If you want to make your Man Cave a personal gym, we recommend considering slightly stronger floor boards and a model that has a bit of extra height.

Need help with choosing the right Man Cave for you?

Do you have special requirements or needs that your Man Cave should meet? Our customer support is happy to help! The majority of our products don’t need a building permit which makes the process of getting your very own garden space that much easier! If you need any information about financing, delivery, or assembly, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your new Man Cave could be created out of one these products:

Holiday and Leisure House Pamplona 70 ┃ 8.9 x 6.7m (29'2'' x 21'12'')
44 m²
70 mm
668 X 890 cm
Starting from: £21,529.00 £22,500.00
Holiday and Leisure House Mikka 70 ┃ 8.4 x 8.2m (27'7'' x 26'11'')
42 m²
70 mm
816 X 841 cm
Starting from: £22,119.00 £23,999.00
Holiday and Leisure House Melanie 70 ┃ 5.7 x 6m (18'8'' x 19'8'')
35 m²
70 mm
568 X 598 cm
Starting from: £13,769.00 £14,500.00

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