A teenager room for uninterrupted personal space

Let’s be honest, living with a teenager can often be an exhausting experience. They want to prove that they can get by on their own and need more personal space to develop into young, responsible adults. Why not give them the space they need by letting them have their own room in the garden, separate from the main house?

This experience can be a great lesson in keeping their space clean and tidy. It can also be a way for you to have more peace of mind knowing that your offspring can mind their own business in a controlled environment, just a few steps away from the main house.

A separate garden room for your teenager can help to develop your mutual relationship, because it allows everyone to have uninterrupted personal space while, at the same time, being close together and spending some quality family time with them.

Why should you invest in a garden room for your teenager?

When it comes to answering this question there are many reasons, both from your point of view and that of your teenager(s). Maybe they have picked up an instrument that is pretty loud and would be better off rehearsing away from the main house (and your eardrums)? Or perhaps they have grown fond of listening to death metal at max volume? Perhaps they would like to have their friends over without being interrupted by their parents, or would like to enjoy hobbies that need peace and quiet?

A private teenager room is a great place to let them invent themselves in a controlled environment, experiment with different ideas, and get a first glimpse into living on their own. Why not give it a try?

It’s up to you whether you’d like to create a separate garden annexe or a room that is more dependent upon the main house. It’s worth considering connecting the garden room up to the water supply and sewerage system not only so that your teenager can have their own toilet and shower, but also keeping in mind what you may want to do with the room after your beloved teenager has finished growing up.

In the long term it’s more than a room for your teenager

It’s worth keeping in mind that even if your teenager only lives in the garden room or annexe for a few years, it is a flexible space that can be used for multiple purposes. After they have moved out, the possibilities when it comes to utilising this new room are virtually endless.

Perhaps you have always wanted a private office or a studio? A guest room? A home gym? Or maybe a garden annexe? It’s entirely up to you. It’s worth planning this out in advance because it’s a wise choice to have the features already built in for future uses.

A process that takes a few weeks but which changes your life

The process of ordering and installing a garden room usually takes less than two months, but it transforms your world by giving you an entirely separate space that adds value to your life and also to your home.

We will do everything in our power to manufacture timber garden rooms that last for decades. And with adequate annual maintenance we are sure they will bring joy to you for years to come.

A sturdy construction made of slow-growing Nordic timber, premium-quality doors and windows with tempered glass, and secure locking mechanisms make your teenager's room as secure as your home. It’s always possible to add additional features for increased security to keep your mind at peace.

Need assistance in choosing the right room for your teenager?

Our customer service team is always happy to help you choose the right garden room, keeping in mind both its short-term and long-term purposes. It’s our duty to make sure your teenager’s new room is everything you desire and more.

The majority of our products don’t need planning permission, which makes the process of getting your teenager a personal garden space that much easier! If you need any information about financing, delivery, or assembly, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Have a look at these products for your teenager garden room

Holiday and Leisure House Pamplona 70 ┃ 8.9 x 6.7m (29'2'' x 21'12'')
44 m²
70 mm
668 X 890 cm
Starting from: £21,529.00 £22,500.00
Holiday and Leisure House Mikka 70 ┃ 8.4 x 8.2m (27'7'' x 26'11'')
42 m²
70 mm
816 X 841 cm
Starting from: £22,119.00 £23,999.00
Holiday and Leisure House Melanie 70 ┃ 5.7 x 6m (18'8'' x 19'8'')
35 m²
70 mm
568 X 598 cm
Starting from: £13,769.00 £14,500.00

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