Our garden buildings are made of wood sourced from responsibly managed forests

The team of Gardenhouse24 keeps the environment in high regard. That's why we have taken extra steps to ensure a better and more eco-friendly future. 

How can you see it? Gardenhouse 24 (as a part of ABC Group) has an FSC certificate through our manufactory (Astel Group). For you it means that we source our high-quality Nordic timber from suppliers that manage forest responsibly, therefore being eco-friendly.

For us, it means that we can stay true to our values, but it comes at the cost of rigorous yearly audits to stay certified and provide you with the chance of purchasing eco-friendly buildings. 

What is FSC?

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is the organisation that runs a global forest certification system. It's an international non-profit organisation that promotes responsible forestry. In short, the FSC certificate stands for a forest that meets the highest social and environmental standards. 

The "tree tick "logo on a product means that it is manufactured responsibly, without harming the world's forests.

What does it take to get the FSC certificate?

For us, getting the FSC certificate means finding suppliers that can provide the highest quality of wood while following the FSC principles. Not only is finding these suppliers hard, but the materials themselves have higher prices. Our own business is also annually audited and monitored to ensure we don't breach any rules set out by the FSC. 

Our suppliers need to meet FSC's 10 Principles of Forest Stewardship. To get the certificate, the forest is inspected by an FSC-accredited organisation and must be managed in a manner that is environmentally appropriate, economically viable and socially beneficial. Only woods that pass the inspections are given the FSC certificate and carry the FSC label.

To make sure your purchased product really is FSC certified, the FSC system has a certified chain of custody. The materials and products are tracked through every stage of the supply chain from the forest to labelling the finished product. The final label on the product has a code confirming it's genuinely FSC certified.

Why choose an FSC certified garden building?

The FSC certificate enables you to buy wooden products with a clear conscience. You can be sure that the harvested trees are replaced. The FSC also makes sure that parts of the forest are protected to preserve wildlife. The FSC is endorsed by WWF, Greenpeace, The Woodland Trust and other environmental charities.

The FSC also makes sure that the rights of indigenous people are protected and the future generations can enjoy everything the forest has to offer.

To meet the criteria, forest owners must use local workers to run the forest while providing training, safety equipment and a decent salary. 

How can you buy an FSC-certified product from Gardenhouse24?

You can help us preserve the environment by choosing the "FSC Certificate "option from our products' additional product features, where this option is available. It costs a little bit extra for you but enables us to source responsibly harvested wood to manufacture your garden building. 

Together we can help preserve the environment and create a clean, sustainable future while keeping our products' quality to a high standard.  

If you have any questions regarding the FSC certificate or any other of our product features, feel free to contact us at info@gardenhouse24.co.uk